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West Central Bat Removal Season

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Mexican Free Tail Bats on Exterior Wall

With the year coming to an end and the warm weather leaving us day by day. We are quickly coming to the end of Bat Removal weather here in West Central Georgia. If you have what you think are bats in your attic we highly recommend that you reach out to us now to schedule an Inspection to determine if you have bats at your property. Once the weather cools to nightly temps of 55 degrees and below the bats will enter hibernation for the year and at this point we are unable to remove them and they will continue to live with you until spring. We at Eco Wildlife Solutions LLC will continue to schedule Bat Removal jobs until the nightly temperatures dip below the safe levels for the bats. After this point we will be glad to return next spring for a follow up inspection when the temperature rises thus ending the hibernation periods. For more information see or or you can call us at (678)340-3269 to schedule an appointment.


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