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Mexican Free Tail Bats found locally

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Mexican Free Tail Bats on Exterior Wall

We preformed a bat inspection today at a local apartment complex. The tenant in the apartment complained of hearing squeaking and rustling in the walls. We arrived on the scene to find a large stain on the exterior of the apartment from the bats sebum while resting on the exterior of the building at night. Another tenant stated he had seen about 150 bats leaving the building. We entered the shared attic to be met by the the odor of a very large colony of bats. As I approached the area the bats began bailing off the brick wall and diving into the concrete block wall below. We located 300 plus Mexican Free Tail Bats in this colony. Normally we find a mix of both big brown and little brown with Mexican Free tail bats. In this situation it was all Mexican Free Tail bats.

Bat Removal | Bat Exclusion | Bat Trapping

Mexican Free Tail Bats in Concrete Block Wall

Bat Removal in Sharpsburg, GA

We were called to this home in Sharpsburg, GA for a Bat Removal Inspection. This homeowner reported seeing the bats coming from the chimney of the home. After further inspection and observation we noted that the bats were not in fact leaving the chimney from the pipe. The bats had found a weakness under the chimney cap and were roosting between the bricks and the plywood on the frame work of the chimney.  We were able to install a bat valve on  the chimney and remove the bats from the area. After around a week we returned to remove the bat valve and seal up the final entry hole. The bats were not able to return to the home.