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Archive for September, 2014

Great Bat Migration is under way.

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Eastern Red Bat in a 12 inch wide box. Great representation of wing span.

While walking outside after dark my wife stumbled up on this guy laying in the driveway. He hissed and started flapping his wings rather quickly trying to take flight. To my wife and myself while it was pitch dark this sounded a lot like a rattlesnake. Knowing that we do not have rattlesnakes in this particular area and the closest rattlesnake population is 40 miles south east from here, I was not to concerned. My wife on the other hand was a little unnerved to say the least. After locating a flashlight we found this Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus Borealis) in the drive way. He was grounded and not able to fly. I retrieved him from the ground and boxed him up until I had better light to inspect him for injuries or diseases. Well he was checked over and had a clean bill of health. I made sure he was watered well and assisted him with a little more height and he took to the sky headed south to a Pine Thicket near you in Florida. These guys don’t normally nest in my area but can be seen twice a year during their migration route.

bat removal | bat exclusion | bat trapping

He has a cute smile.

Bat Removal in Sharpsburg, GA

We were called to this home in Sharpsburg, GA for a Bat Removal Inspection. This homeowner reported seeing the bats coming from the chimney of the home. After further inspection and observation we noted that the bats were not in fact leaving the chimney from the pipe. The bats had found a weakness under the chimney cap and were roosting between the bricks and the plywood on the frame work of the chimney.  We were able to install a bat valve on  the chimney and remove the bats from the area. After around a week we returned to remove the bat valve and seal up the final entry hole. The bats were not able to return to the home.

Bat Removal in Newnan, GA

Large Colony of Bats located during Bat Removal in Newnan, GA.

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Large Amount of Bat Guano located during an inspection in Newnan, GA

This was what the colony of Brown Bats left behind for us to find during a Bat Removal in Newnan, Ga. This was a colony of 100 plus bats that had over wintered in this customers attic. We were able to remove the bats with Bat Valves mounted on the entry points and after the bats were removed from the attic we totally removed all soiled insulation. After this was completed we sanitized the area and re-insulated the attic.

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